Whether you are a beginner or
an experienced kiter, you have probably already asked yourself how to choose a
used kite. A kite costs an arm and, like us, you don’t want your new kite to
tear or deflate on the first outing. Checking the kite before buying is
therefore a crucial step that should not be improvised.

Why buy a second hand kite?

That’s it… you’ve spotted
the rare pearl that will make your progression explode (or not…) and you want
to take action. If you are inexperienced or have never bought a used kite
before, you might think it would be safer to buy a new one. Afraid you’ll be
fooled? Not sure how to choose a wing in good condition that will not put you
in danger? Bravo, this reasoning is very healthy and it means that you are
aware that kiting can be a dangerous sport and that you should not do anything.

The first one is obviously
the price. A kite kite discounts 30 to 40% from the first year. It is therefore
quite possible to have a recent kite (less than 3 years old) in very good
condition for about 50% of the new price.

The second reason is directly
related to the concept of La Green Session and our willingness to help riders
reduce their impact. It is about protecting our planet. Kite wings are made of
synthetic chemical fibers that require polluting resources such as oil to
manufacture. Buying a second hand kite increases the life span of existing
material and does not deplete natural resources to produce more and more new

In short, by buying a used
wing you will do good for the planet (and therefore for everyone) and for your